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Our Kimchi

Our kimchi is hand cut, hand washed, hand mixed, and hand packaged with care and love. 

In Korean there is a phrase called sohn maht (손맛) meaning hand taste.  All the best umami flavors come from the love that is transferred from the hands. 


We take ingredients seriously and the most important ingredient after love is premium Korean red pepper flakes.  We searched and searched for Korean red pepper flakes made in South Korea.


We use premium red pepper flakes from YeongYang, a city in South Korea known for it's delicious red peppers.  You can learn more about them on their website.

We have suspended shipping for the time being. Please find us a local markets in the Austin area. See the calendar and where to find us pages. Thank you.

Please make all orders by Tuesday at 6:00PM CT to ensure it goes out the following week. We slow ferment in temperature-controlled refrigeration, so that it goes out to you at the perfect stage of fermentation. Orders ship on Mondays.

We offer a flat-rate shipping of $8 per order, orders of $50 or more get free shipping! 

Local Austinites pay $10.50 and are eligible for local delivery if you purchase 4 jars or more.  Check the map HERE to see if you fall into local delivery. Please message us at to place your order to receive this special price!


I'm a native Korean who claims to be extremely picky when it comes to Kimchi.  Since I know what it takes to make kimchi properly, I never trusted store-bought kimchi so always have made my own. Well not anymore, after tasting The Curative Plate kimchis and especially after finding out how it's made! From the special ingredient from Korea to the amount of genuine love and care that goes into making this delectable kimchi is (the) one and only I have come across, living in the US for over two decades! I am so proud to recommend this kimchi to anyone who's picky like me or who has never tasted kimchi before. Thank you, Curative Plate for making and sharing such wonderful kimchi with the world. I wish everyone can tasted your kimchi! God bless~

Tina from NJ

I tried ordering some kimchi from The Curative Plate without expecting too much. I've had lots of vegan kimchi and they all taste pretty much the same but this brand has different ingredients from what I've seen so my interest was piqued. I was blown away by the flavor. First it has the perfect balance of spice, salt and sweet with a really refreshing taste.  No weird after taste or overly salty that I get from other brands.  It's pricer than ones I can buy in store but it's all hand made and they use more ingredients, some being organic. I'll pay that little xtra for the best kimchi flavor.

Luke in CA

The best vegan kimchi around! Curative Plate makes a traditional handmade kimchi that packs a flavor punch with the perfect balance of salt, tang, and spice.  It's gentle on my sensitive belly, versatile in recipes, and is delicious at every stage of the fermentation process. Get your hands on some before I eat it all!

Stephanie from L.A.

My family eats a lot of kimchi and have been trying different vegan kimchi brands bc my husband does not like the kimchi with a strong fish flavor.  This is the best vegan kimchi we have found! It is so clean and fresh tasting made with great ingredients. My husband loves it and so does our daughter who doesn't eat spicy. The spice level is perfect on this. I'd say it's a mild spice with a little kick.

J in San Diego

You have a fantastic product. And you work so hard. It is awesome to hear about.  I just ordered more kimchi. I'm loving it.  I put it with eggs, in a meatloaf, spaghetti.

Matthew C. from CA

I received an order of kimchee from a friend as a gift. She said it's some of the best kimchee she's had in awhile.  She was right. I gave some to my daughters because it wasn't spicy at all and they loved it! My girls call it "the yummy kimchee". It's really delicious and we couldn't stop eating it.  The girls were chanting "more kimchee" so I had to go and make and order for more kimchee.  Thanks to my friend we are now in love with this kimchee too.

Jane in L.A.

Living in KY, it's hard to find good Korean food, if any. I'm not Korean but love, love Korean food.  I have to order everything I want and let me tell you about this kimchi! I got the vegan version and was sooooooo happy to come home, from work, with it waiting for me on my doorstep.  I couldn't wait and opened it right away, standing in front of my kitchen sink.  I ate a whole jar in one sitting and was glad I ordered a few jars! This kimchi was so good and I'm not vegan but love this compared to other regular kimchis I've tried.  Thank you to The Curative Plate for helping me fulfill my kimchi cravings!

Ranji, Kentucky

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