Our Kimchi

Our kimchi is hand cut, hand washed, hand mixed, and hand packaged with care and love. 

In Korean there is a phrase called sohn maht (손맛) meaning hand taste.  All the best umami flavors come from the love that is transferred from the hands. 


We take ingredients seriously and the most important ingredient after love is premium Korean red pepper flakes.  We searched and searched for Korean red pepper flakes made in South Korea.


We use premium red pepper flakes from YeongYang, a city in South Korea known for it's delicious red peppers.  You can learn more about them on their website.

Please make all orders by Tuesday at 6:00PM CT to ensure it goes out the following week. We slow ferment in temperature-controlled refrigeration, so that it goes out to you at the perfect stage of fermentation. Orders ship on Mondays.

We offer a flat-rate shipping of $8 per order, orders of $50 or more get free shipping! 

Local Austinites pay $10.50 and are eligible for local delivery if you purchase 4 jars or more.  Check the map HERE to see if you fall into local delivery. Please message us at info@thecurativeplate.com to place your order to receive this special price!