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Our Low FODMAP (ish) kimchi was developed through personal need.  Making Kimchi for those with sensitive guts and on a low FODMAP diet. Monash University, the leaders in analyzing foods for FODMAPS, says that kimchi up to 1.66oz is low FODMAP. That’s a little under 1/4 cup. Feel better eating a little bit of our kimchi knowing that it is onion- and garlic-free.  (For those who can handle all the pro-biotics, try a little more )


This kimchi is made with a medium spice-level of gochugaru.  It's clean, fresh, not too sweet, not too salty -- just the perfect balance.  

Low FODMAP (ish) Kimchi 15 oz

  • Buy 4 and get free shipping!

    Cannot ship to P.O. Boxes.  Cannot ship to AK or HI at this time.

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