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Embracing October: A Harvest of Autumnal Delights, Halloween Thrills, and Kimchi Twists.

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Hello, TCP Fam! October has tiptoed in, bringing with it a riot of colors, pumpkin-spiced everything, and the thrilling anticipation of Halloween. It's a month that bridges the gap between the warmth of fall and the spooktacular charm of Halloween night. Today, we're diving into the heart of October, exploring its autumnal wonders, the magic of Halloween, and the delightful world of Kimchi, crafted from the abundance of fall produce.

October paints the world in hues of fiery red, burnt orange, and golden yellow. The crunch of fallen leaves underfoot and the crisp breeze in the air make this month truly magical. It's a time when farmers' markets overflow with the bounty of fall produce, from pumpkins to hearty root vegetables.

Speaking of pumpkin, it's the unofficial mascot of October. From lattes to pies, this versatile squash finds its way into a plethora of dishes, adding a touch of sweetness and earthiness to everything it graces. Ever thought of pairing it with kimchi? Kimchi-stuffed pumpkins are a great way to combine that mascot gourd with the healthy crunch of fermented cabbage. Just “Hallow” (see what I did there? sorry, my puns are very basic) out a pumpkin, stuff it with a mix of Kimchi, rice, and your favorite fall veggies, then bake it to perfection. The result? A marriage of flavors that perfectly embodies the essence of fall.

This is also the time of year when going to farmer’s markets for fresh cider and late-season harvest produce just makes you feel you’re doing October right. Embrace the earthy goodness of fall root vegetables and ferment them to make kimchi – as we’ve written before, it’s not only for cabbage. Carrots, radishes, and turnips can be pickled into a zesty kimchi. The crunch of these vegetables combined with the tangy spice of gochugaru creates a symphony of textures and flavors. But for a twist with the classic cabbage, partner it with crisp fall apples. The sweetness of apples contrasts beautifully with the savory depth of baechu (napa cabbage) kimchi, creating a harmonious blend that's perfect as a side or a snack.

October, with its vibrant colors, pumpkin delights, and Halloween thrills, is a month of transition and fun. As we revel in the changing seasons and the joy of Halloween festivities, let's also celebrate the art of kimchi-making. With fall produce at our fingertips, we can craft a variety of Kimchi creations that not only warm our taste buds but also infuse our tables with the rich flavors of autumn. From Our Heart and Our Hands to Your Plate.


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