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We tried to think of all the questions you'd have. Read through the list, and if we didn't answer your question, please feel free to shoot us an email. 

My kimchi did not arrive cold, is it still okay?

We ship our kimchi orders with cold packs, as maintaining a cool temperature during transit slows fermentation. However, your kimchi may no longer be cold to the touch by the time it arrives.  A lot depends on the time of year, and when you are able to receive your package from the USPS. Even so, we can assure you that your kimchi is still safe to eat. The healthy bacteria that make kimchi so good for you preserves the food and keeps it safe. The fermentation may speed up a little, but you should refrigerate your kimchi when it arrives, and it will slow back down.  Obviously, this only applies to the warmer months, but we are located in Texas. Our seasons are Warm, Hot, If I Go Outside I'll Die, and back to Hot. So we ship with cold packs for much of the year.

My package of kimchi is leaking, is it ok?

We do our best to prevent leakage during shipping, we leave expansion room at the top of our jars. But as kimchi’s active natural fermentation continues during shipping, there is a possibility of leakage. This is normal for active fermentation, and the kimchi is perfectly safe to eat.

Use caution when opening jars of kimchi, as there may be trapped gasses. Open the jars slowly over the sink as a precaution for the first time. 

The lid/and or jar of kimchi is puffed out. Is that normal?

As we've said, our kimchi continues to ferment during shipping. As the pressure builds through this natural fermentation process, it is possible that the packaging will swell. This is perfectly normal, and caused by the gases that gut healthy lactobacillus bacteria produce inside the jar. It is actually desirable to have lactobacillus bacteria highly active inside a jar of kimchi, so when you see lid bloating or leakage, you know that the kimchi is good quality.

Does your kimchi contain preservatives?

We make premium kimchi which contains high quality ingredients and no MSG. They are both gluten-free, made in a dedicated gluten-free kitchen. Unlike imported kimchi that usually comes from China or Korea, ours are made in small batches weekly, with love and by hand.

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