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from our Heart & our Hands... your Plate

The Curative Plate is here to offer products, services, and recipes to those with chronic illness and food restrictions.

Welcome. We created this company for you.  

The Curative Plate is a space to create, share, interact, inform, inspire and build a community of people who have similar experiences with food intolerances and gut issues. Giving ideas to anyone with a chronic illness and dietary restrictions feeling lost, stuck, bored or
all of the above with their meal options. Anyone with a new diagnosis who wants to connect with others and learn more. 

We at The Curative Plate also want to help you fill your plates with better options with foods that help, not hurt. Sharing product reviews, giving recipe tips, guided recipe videos, information, and connecting people together through our social media.
We are also developing food products for those who have dietary restrictions and gut issues. A small start-up business formed to bring the products you need so you can grab and go without thinking if it fits into "my diet.”  


Let’s all learn and grow together.

Our first hero product: Kimchi

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